BLUE APRON HOLDINGS, INC. filed this 4 on November, 30 2017
Explanation of Responses:
(1)  Restricted stock units convert into Class A Common Stock on a one-for-one basis. This transaction represents the settlement of RSUs in shares of Class A Common Stock on their scheduled vesting date.
(2)  Represents the shares automatically sold by the reporting person pursuant to an election to satisfy tax withholding obligations in connection with the vesting of the RSUs listed in Table II. This sale does not represent a discretionary trade by the reporting person.
(3)  On August 25, 2017, the reporting person was granted 92,900 restricted stock units, vesting over four years in quarterly installments, with 6.25% of the restricted stock units vesting on each November 25, February 25, May 25 and August 25 over the four-year period following August 25, 2017.